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The Club’s History
A.C. Kerameikos started in 1996 from a group of friends who loved the Chinese Wushu and wanted at the same time to practice in self defense. As the company was growing a need for a permanent place was created, which was established in Metaxourgeio (Kerameikou 51) and operated from 1998 till July 2008.


 Since 2008 the new headquarter of the club is at 10, Plataion Street in Kerameikos, on the second floor. 

The A.C. Kerameikos was approved by the Lower Court at 19-06-2001, in the 4th of December 2002, it became member of the Greek Wushu Kung Fu Federation (G.W.K.F.F.) and on the 5th of February 2004 it gained the athletic recognition of the General Secretariat of Sports for the practice of Wushu. The club actively participates in the championships of G.W.K.F.F., the European Wushu Federation (EWuF), the International Wushu Federation (IWuF) and also in International tournaments with many successes.
Some of the most important are:
1st team place in the 5th Pan-hellenic Championship, A’ category (2004) (men and women)
1st team place in the 6th Pan-hellenic Championship, A’ category (2005) (men and women)
1st team place in the 7th Pan-hellenic Championship, A’ category (2006) (men and women)
2nd team place in the 1st Mediterranean Cup in Catania, Sicily (04/06/2004)
In 2004 two athletes and the Club’s trainer Doukas Dimitris, participated with the national team in the 1st World Traditional Martial Arts Festival held in Ghengzhou in China winning one 1st, one 4th and one 6th place.
In 2006, at the World Traditional Wushu Championship, athletes of the club won two 1st, two 2nd, one 4th, one 6th and one 7th place.
In 2008, at the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championship, A.C. Kerameikos participated with 4 athletes in the national team, while the chief instructor of the Club Doukas Dimitris accompanied the mission as a coach of the National Team.
One 1st, two 3rd and one 5th place were the successes of the athletes.
In 2012, during the 5th World Traditional Wushu Championship (Hengsahan), the Club participated with 2 athletes and the trainer of the Club Doukas Dimitris, accompanied the mission as the coach of the national team. One 6th and one 7th places were the athletes’ successes.
Since 2014 the club is a founding member, together with friendly clubs, of the Pan-hellenic Chinese Wrestling Union and the seat of the club is its headquarters.
In 2014 at the World Chinese Wrestling Championship that took place in Rome, with the participation of 21 national teams, A.C. Kerameikos participated with the athletes: Toumpakari Ioanna -56 kilos and Kavoura Evangelo -82 kilos. The athlete Ioanna Toumpakari won the silver medal.
In 2015 at the World Chinese Wresting Championship, that took place in the Wenzhou province in China, A.C. Kerameikos participated with the athletes:Ioanna Toumpakari -56 kilos and Evangelo Kavoura -82 kilos. The athlete Ioanna Toumpakari won the 5th place and Evangelos Kavouras the 6th.
Visit the category Games/Distinctions for more information and photo gallery.
Technical supervisor of the club is Dimitris Doukas that holds a Wushu trainer diploma, B’ Category.
Ioanna Toumpakari is also an instructor in A.C.K. and holds a Wushu trainer diploma, C’ category.
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In our club the following classes operate daily:
Morning class from 10:30 to 11:45.
Evening classes for beginners and advanced trainees, from 17:30 till 21:30.
Children classes from 17:30 till 17:45.
Sanda and Shuai Jiao classes from 18:30 till 21:30.
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During the classes taught daily:
Traditional  Eagle Claw Kung Fu , Lau Fat mang Lineage, is taught in all the classes, as it has been transferred to us by our teacher, Grandmaster Lily Lau.








Nei Jia Quan (Xing Yi - Taiji - Bagua),  Li Tien Ji  Lineage, as it has been transferred to us by our teacher Niu Sheng Xian.









Shuai Jiao, Li Bao Ru Lineage, as it has been transferred to us by our teacher Liu Zu Guang









In our club, everyone can be registered after being examined by a doctor and found healthy to do workout, independently of beliefs and nationality, provided to show respect for the nature and his/her fellow human beings.
Registration takes place throughout the year.
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